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Can I cook food at two different temperatures at the same time?
Yes! With the Dual-Zone AirFryer Oven’s cooking chamber divider in place, you can set a different cooking temperature for each side of the cooking chamber. You can even set different cooking times for each cooking chamber.

Does the food in each cooking chamber finish cooking at the same time even if the cooking times are different?
With the Dual-Zone AirFryer Oven’s sync feature, you can synchronize the cooking times in each cooking zone to finish full meals all at the same time.

Are there recipes for the Dual-Zone AirFryer Oven?
Click here to download the Emeril Lagasse Dual-Zone AirFryer Oven’s Digital Recipe Book.

How hot can the Dual-Zone AirFryer Oven get?
The temperature range is 85° F–450° F.

How big is the Dual-Zone AirFryer Oven?
The external dimensions are 17.72 x 15.94 x 14.17 inches. The internal cooking chamber is 14.17 x 13.18 x 7.87 inches, which gives you an extra-large 25-quart cooking space.